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Welcome to SpanishSun, your number one resource for finding Bargain Property in Spain including 100% mortgages, bank repossessions and distressed property sales. We will help you find your a place in the Spanish Sun at a price which is affordable and attainable. 

If you need to improve your health and want a better lifestyle then you cannot do better than choose Spain, with over 300 days of sunshine a year and The World Health Organization recently confirming Spain as one of the healthiest areas in which you can live why not wake up in the Spanish sun?


Distressed Property and Bank Repossession Sales In Spain


The financial crisis in Spain, resulted in a large number of properties being returned back to the banks as their owners could no longer keep up their mortgage payments. The credit crunch not only affected individuals and many large developments ended up empty and unsold. Here at SpanishSun we offer you distressed property sales but with a big difference to many other companies. If you look through the properties which are generally available with other distressed property sellers you will find that many of the properties are simply not the type of property that most people would want to buy with ugly apartments in out of the way locations or houses that resemble a building site rather than somewhere you would want to live.


The simple truth is that many of the bank repossession properties which are available in Spain are places in which you would never want to live. However, there are many property gems which are out there, it is just a question of finding them. This is how we can help; here at SpanishSun we use our local knowledge and contacts with banks and developers to put you in touch with only the best properties and developments, often given you first access to the best properties as they are released by the banks to the public for general sale.


100% Mortgages In Spain


One thing that can prevent people from buying property is the need to provide a large deposit. In the UK an investment property usually requires at least a 25% deposit as well as other costs such as the additional 3% stamp duty charged on second homes, legal fees and others associated costs. In Spain the banks still offer 100% mortgages for selected properties for UK nationals and some even offer over 100% mortgages leaving you with only a minimal outlay.


One thing that is certain though is that these 100% mortgages will not be around forever and  as the banks sell off their property stocks so the 100% mortgage will become a thing of the past so if you want to take advantage of this opportunity then you need to act quickly.


How Cheap Is Spanish Property For Sale Compared To The UK?


The past few years have seen a phenomenal and many would say unsustainable growth in UK property prices which has resulted in price increases of  almost 1000% in some parts of London over the last 20 years. By comparison, property in Spain is currently around 40% cheaper than it was 10 years ago. Why buy a dingy flat at the top of a tower block in south-east England when for half the rice you can purchase a stunning apartment overlooking a Marina or a beautiful Villa with views of the sea and the mountains?


Property, like any other type of investment, goes in cycles of growth and retraction. Why invest your hard money into a UK market which already seen unsustainable and unobtainable growth rates when you could be investing in a property market which offers the type of bargains which simply have not been seen in the UK for two decades?


Is This The Beginning Of The Spanish Property Boom?


Here’s a wake up call to anyone who thinks that Spain is still in a recession and that Spanish property is still decreasing in value. The financial crisis is over and the new property boom is about to begin. Spanish property has just experienced its 11th period of consecutive growth, sales are up and interest is on the increase. Don’t be that person who waits too long and misses the opportunities presented by the Spanish property market – fortune favors the brave is the old saying so be brave and snap up bargains in Spain which simply will not be available once the recovery in Spanish property has finally taken hold.


Taking The Risk Out Of Buying Spanish Properly


Everybody has heard of a horror story of an overseas property purchase gone wrong due to legal problems or some other problem. At SpanishSun we aim to take the risk out of buying a property in Spain. Not only do we hand pick the properties that we offer so that they are only of superior build and design but we also put you in touch with our bespoke legal teams all of whom are English speaking and have years of experience in Spanish property conveyancing and they will help ensure that your property purchase goes through smoothly and without any unwanted surprises.


Spanish New Build Properties


Despite the financial crisis, many of our clients are surprised to discover that there is a vibrant new build property market in Spain with quality builders and developers creating fresh and innovative homes. These developers, who have survived and even flourished during the recession will often offer discounts and special offers for new clients who are looking to buy a property from them. Speak to us to find out the new developments which are currently available.


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